Director Statement

Dean Meadows
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When I first joined Shine!® it was obvious that our priority should be to achieve a quality service as well as changing the public’s perception of the mobile repair business. It had a poor reputation!

We needed to create a business model based, quite simply, on perfection in all we do. And that, plus customer satisfaction and service, became the bones of our business.

We dropped the franchise model and started direct employment for all our technicians. This allowed us to select the best and create a comprehensive training scheme. We worked with paint and product manufacturers and introduced processes compliant with the necessary British Standards.
We liaised with car manufacturers to ensure that everything we did had the approval of all the top marques. We invested in leading edge repair technology, worked in partnership with Smart Insurance and other household names such as Halfords and Kwik Fit and continued to drive standards throughout our industry.
Throughout all this I wanted to ensure we retained our “perfection” approach and this meant the pursuit of standards. I’m proud to say we achieved this and soon became the only mobile repairer to achieve the coveted BSI Kitemark.
I know how important it is to maintain a vehicle to showroom standards. I know how annoying a small scuff or scratch can be on an otherwise immaculate car, especially when it’s not your fault.

So my aim is to help keep your car in pristine condition by ensuring that our service to you is the best.