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Please complete the below form to schedule a repair to your vehicle. Once you have submitted your information, a member of the Shine!® team will contact you with a personal quotation and to organise a convenient time and location for your repair to take place.

To complete the form you will need to supply a photograph which will help us assess the scale of the repair needed.

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Simply print it out, place alongside your vehicle damage. Then take a photo and upload.

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Step 2: Damage

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Step 4: Review and submit

Sorry but you have exceeded the £500 per claim limit. Please remove areas of damage to continue.
Sorry but you are not covered by this policy due to the length of time since the damaged occurred. Please contact us or visit our website for more details.
Sorry but we cannot repair this type of damage. Please contact us for more details.

A scratch, scuff or dent on the vehicle bumper up to 300mm in length and 3mm in depth.

Bumper scuff

Chips to the front screen only up to 25mm diameter

Bumper scuff

Scuffs or scratches to a standard painted silver wheel.

Alloy Wheels

Stone chip to roof or bonnet

Stone Chip

Panel Scratch

Minor scratches on the vehicle up to 300mm in length and 3mm in depth.

Panel Scratch

Panel Dent

A dented area on the vehicle that is up to 300mm in length and 3mm in depth.

BPanel Dent

Minor Scratch

Minor scratches on the vehicle up to 300 mm in length and 3mm in depth.

Minor Scratch

Please review your information and click 'Submit' at the bottom of the page.