Keeping your car in pristine condition is our number one priority.

We work hard and have fun!

The business was founded in 2003 after realising there was a need for a fully employed quality mobile repair service that covers the UK. Over the years we have partnered with the likes of RBS, Halfords, Kwik Fit, Simply Health.

In 2008 we partnered with one of the UK’s leading minor damage insurance providers. This joint business approach is a perfect fit as we share the common goal of providing premium quality and excellence in customer service.


We directly employ all our technicians, allowing us to maintain the same levels of excellence and quality across our nationwide network. All technicians go through a personal development plan at our state-of-the-art dedicated academy which means when they arrive on your driveway, our technicians are equipped to deliver the high standards that we are known for.

Suppliers and Partners

We work with major car manufactures such as Aston Martin, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Toyota, and Vauxhall, to ensure that all the work that we do on your car does not invalidate your car paint warranties. We have a close relationship with our paint manufacturers to ensure that we remain up to date and follow all the latest repair methods. We also work closely with the IMI and BSI to help develop and push the standards of the mobile cosmetic repair accreditation, being the first mobile repair company to be presented with this prestige award.

Keeping It Green!

Whether it’s during a repair, out on the road or at head office, we have put in place various measures to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • All the repairs that we carry out follow the “Repair Not Replace” guideline
  • Technicians use a reusable car cover that eliminates the need for disposable plastic sheeting
  • Our vehicles carry mobile extraction units which allows us to capture and clean any paint vapour that could enter the environment.
  • Our “Lights Off” policy encourages all members of staff to switch off lights in rooms that are not in use. All lighting at our Head Office and Academy has been replaced with  energy efficient LED lights.
  • We make sure computer displays are not left on standby and unplug any appliances that are not in use.
  • “Pathway to Paperless” is the scheme that we have created to reduce the amount of paper that we use. We are now well on the way to becoming fully digital by using the latest technology throughout the whole company.