Our Purpose

We exist to lead the industry by being the first choice for our people and our customers.

Our Culture

At Shine! we take our “open door policy” seriously. We don’t believe in a hierarchy of managers and employees and find that being a leader is better than being a “boss”. This creates an atmosphere where everyone has the chance to grow and flourish. Our team members are encouraged to speak their minds and take part in healthy debate.

We’re passionate about delivering a service that has never been known within our sector, and are always looking to improve and stay ahead of the curve. This is what gets us up in the morning, with a smile on our face!

Our Values

1. We put our people first so they put our customers first

A good working environment, where staff members have a voice and can flourish, forms the foundation of excellent customer service and premium quality.

2. We believe in what we do

We do everything with 100% determination and conviction- from our technicians working on a customer vehicle, to office staff booking in a client.

3. We do what we say and say what we do

At Shine, our word is our bond and we deliver on our promises.